Harry Potter Tour of London and Beyond – Part Two

Harry Potter Tour of London and Beyond – Part Two

Day Two: School of Wandcraft

AirBNB Experiences is an amazing platform, and I’ve used it before to have a more authentic experience in the cities I’ve visited since it was launched. I was sure that the London list would be extensive, and I was right. HP-themed tours and activities abound, but one stood out from the rest as a definite Must-Do.

Professor Wandina Doodle, aka Grace, runs the School of Wandcraft from her comfy studio just off Oxford Street, where she initiates witches and wizards of all ages into the exclusive world of Wand Design.

I kept this particular tour as a surprise for Uchenna, and her face when we were met by a bonefide ACTUAL witch in black robes, looking decidedly professor-ish, was priceless. We followed her up to her studio, which is located in a creative co-working space in one of the newer developments just off busy Oxford Street, and were ushered into a perfectly-decorated Hogwards-esque classroom, complete with robes for each student and cauldrons of supplies. Our small group (there were just three of us, but Grace can cater for up to 8) were then introduced to the magic of 3D Doodlers, and spent the next three hours happily playing with molten-polymer as we created our very own wands. The 3D pens operate like glue-guns, heating a thin stick of polymer until it’s pliable enough to be moulded. The polymer itself is NOT plastic (my conscience was pricking me, and I was eventually compelled to ask), but a corn starch-based pseudo-plastic that completely decomposes in a few months if left to the elements. Grace taught us how to manipulate our pens and create intricate designs, and then fed us tea and biscuits while we channelled our inner-Olivanders. The time flew by, and when we were all done, Grace took photos of our wands for her album before lovingly wrapping them up for us and presenting us each with a beautiful wand-box. This was honestly the best R600 I spent in London, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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